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Mike Fassi has over 39 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry. Mike Fassi often reminds clients and students that the DOW was at 740 when he began his career. Mike’s expertise lies in the Investment and Retirement distribution Areas. His primary goal is to make sure that clients don’t outline their retirement income. As a CLU, and ChFC Mike works with many business owners in the areas of succession and estate planning. Together with his wife Terri, Mike teaches retirement planning classes at Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado. Mike is involved with Rotary, the Chamber and helps raise money for many non-profit organizations.

Mike Fassi is a financial advisor with Fassi Financial and specializes in retirement distribution.  He works with client’s to ensure that their needs are met by analyzing their income requirements and reviewing their tax implications.  He helps them establish strategies so they do not outlive their money.  There are many reasons why you should use a financial adviser during your retirement years.  Here are a few:

Provide Realistic Insights

Many individuals fail to realize how expensive retirement actually is.  An experienced financial adviser can help you by explaining how what life will actually cost.  A study conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute reported that the cost of living during retirement is often higher as the couple or individual ages as opposed to what they spend now.  Due to the cost of inflation and medical bills, if you are living on $80,000 a year now, you should have enough assets and saving for 25 years of living on $95,000 annually.

Your financial adviser can help you develop a comprehensive plan for retirement.  This plan often includes a forecast of your yearly expenses, the amount you can withdraw from savings annually, a statement of net worth, and recommended investments for your retirement and savings accounts.  They can also provide advice on specific needs such as Medicare supplementary health insurance and long-term care insurance.  This plan, along with sound advice from your financial professional can help you see if there is a gap between your retirement plans and your financial abilities in reality.

Assist with the Planning Process

Your financial adviser has the skills to analyze your status, including sources of income, debts, and investments.  They can see if you have covered all of the bases, and recommend what you should focus on in planning for your retirement.  They are able to help you identify aspects you may not have thought off, such as ways to eliminate expenses which are unnecessary in retirement.   They can additionally identify potential trouble spots and give you a concrete strategy on how to avoid or deal with it.

A financial adviser can help you come up with concrete goals for your retirement as opposed to the abstract ones you may have thought of.  These objectives are qualified through an exact time frame.  Your adviser can help you assess your goals, along with your spending and saving progress over time.  They devise specific investing and savings strategies to help you meet your goals by devoting their time and knowledge.

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